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New THE VIEW article is out!

I'm happy to say that my newest article is online at THE VIEW website. The article is on managing and provisioning lotus.domino.Session objects to plug-ins in Sametime Connect 7.5.1 - a subject that's a little tricky due to the native code underneath the Notes/Domino Java API and due to the way that classloaders work in Sametime Connect/Expeditor.

For the ones who's already on Sametime 7.5.1 please see the errata (http://lekkimworld.com/theview_sametime).

Article abstract:

Take the mystery out of providing multiple Notes sessions from Sametime Connect. Plug-in developers find that running multiple Sametime plug-ins that access Notes at the same time is tricky; the reasons are due to how the Sametime 7.5 Java application-programming interface (API) differs from the one Notes uses, and how Java class-loaders load native library code on Windows. The solution provided in this article uses a bundled group of plug-ins, invisible to connect users, for managing lotus.domino.Session objects across other plug-ins. You also learn how to achieve fast plug-in deployments with automatic Connect configuration, plus easier plug-in maintenance. The solution code is available for download at THE VIEW Web site.

Citrix and AJAX - one bad combo?

Anyone using AJAX type-ahead controls under Citrix? I have been working on a customer solution using the select-widget from the dojo toolkit but it doesn't work correctly in Internet Explorer under Citrix (you can type ahead but cannot use the arrow keys to select from the choices). Just checked script.acolou.us and their autocomplete widget doesn't work either under Citrix either (same issue). Previously I have been using a solution I developed myself but really want to go mainstream...

script.aculo.us autocompleter example.

Show 'n Tell Thursday: Showing a progress bar / joining threads (24 May 2007)

Well it has been a long time since my last SnTT post so here we go. This post is on showing a progress bar from a Java agent while loading data in another thread. This post is based on a post on developerWorks.

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10 Easy Ways of Navigation in Eclipse

10 Easy Ways of Navigation in Eclipse - Java development is hard, however there are plenty of tools to make your life easier, says Ray Djajadinata...

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Eclipse upgraded to use Subclipse 1.2.1

Just upgraded to Subclipse 1.2.1 using the Update Manager based on the recommendation in a comment on the blog to solve my word wrap issue. Since I upgraded from a version 1.1.x release I had to follow the upgrade instructions which is why Subclipse hadn't already upgraded it self (I regularly run the update manager).

Subclipse (SVN) properties

In my quest to find a way to automatically wrap commit messsages in the Subclipse SVN plug-in for Eclipse I found a description of some of the properties that are used to control the commit message dialog. Unfortunately it looks like there is no way to wrap the lines in the commit message dialog although no linebreaks are inserted. Bummer!

Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Stacktraces

Not much information on Java in Notes/Domino per say in this post but simply a pointer to a nice article on reading stack and tread dumps which is a must for all programming in Java.

Remember that as of Java 1.4 (Notes/Domino 7.x) you can use Java classes access the elements of a stacktrace. You can use this to further diagnose the trace and make a more intelligent decision on how to handle it. Look for the StackTraceElement class in the javadocs.

Link to article: Of Thread dumps and stack traces ....

Sametime 7.5.1 tabbed interface is loosing messages!

Well let's say I was shocked when I found this out... After upgrading to Sametime 7.5.1 on the client as well on the server we have been been using the tabbed interface to handle the chats. While I like the interface a lot, my coworkers and I have stopped using it since we are experiencing that some chat messages simply dosn't show up the Sametime Connect client and are "lost". This post contains more information on the issue, screenshots and steps to reproduce.


Service pack installation

Just found this nice tip from a friend of mine on installing service packs in VMWare images. When installing for example service pack 2 in a Windows XP image you can use the "/n" parameter to avoid saving backup files which might not be worth the diskspace in an image. Also using "/u" will make the installation program simply install the service pack and reboot the machine and not prompt you for approval.


Got an invitation to Joost from Per Henrik Lausten - thanks!! I definitely looking forward to trying it out after having heard so much about it.

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That's a new one. Unknown LotusScript error.

Anyone how knows the LotusScript error "Duplicate option"? I have been unable to find anything on developerWorks or on Google. Nothing fancy being done - vanilla LotusScript in a shared action with reference to a script library.

New Kids on the Blog... :-)

I too (like Ed) am noticing the explosion of IBM'ers bloggin' and the explosion of IBM Lotus product blogs. It's getting hard to follow along on all the subjects!

Deploying your plug-ins in Notes 8 and Sametime 7.5.x

This document discusses the Notes 8 "shelfViews" programming model, and explicitly explains how to contribute a shelf view to the Notes 8 sidebar. There are basically two steps:
1. Create a view and add a contribution to the org.eclipse.ui.views extension point.
2. Contribute the view to the com.ibm.rcp.ui.shelfViews extension point to have it appear in the sidebar.
Following these descriptions, we compare the Notes 8 "shelfViews" programming model to the Sametime "miniApps" programming models, such that developers will know how to migrate a plugin from the Sametime client to the Notes 8 client.

Documentation -- Sidebar Contribution Design Pattern and Migrating a Sametime 7.5 plugin over to Notes 8 via the Composite Application blog.

Multiple SMTP relay hosts

Had a strange issue at a customer yesterday. The customer is running a set of clustered SMTP devices for inbound and outbound SMTP relay and we had added both IP addresses of these clustered devices to the relay server field on the Configuration document of both their clustered Domino servers. Yesterday one of the clustered SMTP devices went down but unfortunately Domino didn't immediately switch to the other SMTP device. Doing a "tell router status" indicated that the router task was waiting for the device to come back up. As it was it looked as though it was unaware of the second entry for the SMTP relay server.

The Domino Administrator help file states under "Configuring multiple relay hosts":

To enable greater control over outbound message routing, you can configure multiple relay hosts. Using multiple relay hosts enables Domino to route mail addressed to certain Internet domains to certain relay hosts, without first performing a DNS lookup. For example, you can split external SMTP mail routing so that Domino routes all outbound Internet mail along one path, except mail addressed to a specific domain, such as *.acmepartner.com, which it sends through a specific SMTP server. 

To configure multiple relay hosts, create a Foreign SMTP Domain document for each set of destinations, and then create SMTP connection documents to match these foreign SMTP domain documents. For example, using the previous example, you would create one Foreign SMTP Domain document for *.* and another for *acmepartner.com.
From the description I gather that Domino only can use one relay server and it you have multiple relay hosts you can only distribute the traffic among the servers based on domain name matches e.g. all .dk and .net traffic to one server and the rest to the other. But that's load balancing and not failover.

Fortunately the customer have some intelligent network switches where you can define a logical interface (which is the one you would specify on the Configuration document) and have the switch distribute the traffic to the multiple devices based on which devices are up (the switch senses which of the devices respond to SMTP). Hence the switch does the failover and not Domino. This approach works but I was expecting Domino to provide this kind of functionality.

New on developerWorks Lotus: Composite applications page

This morning, we launched a new Composite applications page on developerWorks Lotus, featuring links to all composite application content we could find on IBM.com including articles, tutorials, Redbooks, and more. 
We hope that this page provides a good introduction to composite applications and serves as a starting point for building your own composite apps. We'll add to the page as new content becomes available, so check back once in a while.

New on developerWorks Lotus: Composite applications page

Regarding the Domino 7 freetime webservice

On 24 September 2005 I blogged about a freetime web service for Domino 7 (Freetime WebService) which was available for download from Passport Advantage. Now (17 April 2007) there is an article on developerWorks (Using and modifying the IBM Lotus Domino V7 Free Time Web service) on how to use it. It appears you have to install a server task as well.

And guess what - the article uses Stubby by Julian...

Composite addition to your favorite language

New Property Broker classes for your favorite language (LotusScript) - LotusScript Property Broker APIs on the Composite Applications for People blog.

Qtec htc

Blogging from my cousins Qtek htc phone... Nice! It's based on Windows Mobile but it's very nice indeed. Built-in wi-fi makes it all worth while...

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Lotus Connections and FeedDemon 2.5 RC1

I'm now on the Lotus Connections site and I think it's great. Looks very promising though I haven't played enough with it yet. I very much like the Dogear functionality though I need to find a blog to post links to it from FeedDemon as I do with del.cio.us using the "blog this" functionality. It appears there is an API so it should be fairly easy to figure out.

I haven't Googled it yet so someone might already have figured it out.

Also - upgraded to FeedDemon 2.5 RC1 without any problems. I have been running the betas since beta 1 without any issues what so ever (apart from occasional hangs which I blame on IE 7 more than FeedDemon). If you're not already using FeedDemon you really owe it to yourself and your feed reading to check it out.

Public notes.ini documentation

There's now a central place for all things notes.ini - the Notes.ini documentation (appears to be a little slow though).

New IBM Lotus blog

The fine folks at IBM Lotus Support is now blogging. Welcome to the bloggosphere!


I'm really in love with regular expression or regex for short and I find myself using them more and more in my day-to-day programming. When writing and testing them I have previously been using on-line tools (like this) but recently I bought RegexBuddy which I can really recommend. It loads fast, makes it easy to write, test, debug regular expressions and copy the regex to the target programming language automatically handling escaping strings for that particular programming language. Nice!

Best 30 Euros I have spent in a while.