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Microsoft Exchange protocol has been opened up

As you might have heard a number of Microsoft proprietary protocols has been opened up (incl. the protocol used for Microsoft Exchange Server) as reported on Slashdot and on Redmond Developer News. This would make it possible, as actually mentioned in a Notes 8 session at Lotusphere 2007, to make Notes 8 a client for Exchange since the Notes 8 client (read Lotus Expeditor) is actually very generic.

But then again who would want to run against Exchange Server? ;-)

Via the Java Posse episode 110.

Slow blogging season

Blogging is slow while I'm working on my latest project - much more to come... :-)

Anyone who have used the Deftype statement in LotusScript?

While looking for something completely else in the Domino Designer 7 Help I stumbled over the Deftype keyword. I find it hard to find any usage for it but then again I always code with Options Explicit/Declare and type all my variables but still... Anyone who have actually used it and can give an example?

Deftype Statements
Set the default data type for variables, functions, and properties whose names begin with one of a specified group of letters.

Problem managing your feeds? Look to the dinasaur report!

At the blogger BOF at Lotusphere 2007 a question was asked as to how one keeps up with all the blogs. The first part of the answer is to use a feed reader such as FeedDemon and the other part is to clean up regularly. Since it can be a problem to know which feeds aren't updating you need some kind of tool. Again FeedDemon comes to the rescue.

I just upgraded to FeedDemon 2.5 Beta 1 for one feature, and one feature alone - the Dinosaur report. I installed the beta over my existing FeedDemon installation and loaded up the report and man have I been waiting for this! The report shows you all the feeds that haven't been updated in a certain period of time and lets you easily unsubscribe from them. The report can be adjusted to show feeds that haven't updated in 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. This simple, yet powerful, feature allowed me to quickly unsubscribe from 76 feeds that haven't been updating in 90 days. Nice!

Small regexp tip

To find the shortest match in a using using regular expressions you can use a "Reluctant" qualifier like ".+?" instead of simply ".+" (greedy qualifier) which will find the longest match.

Wow - did that make my day!! :-)

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Comment feed for developerWork blogs?

Does anyone know of a comment feed (e.g. the URL syntax) to blogs on developerWorks such as Mary Beth Raven and Antony Satyadas? It would make it much easier to follow the comments being made on the blogs.

TCP connection leakage with Corba sessions?

Saw an interesting post (how to close lotus.domino.Session in Java application?) on notes.net from a developer who is wondering how to avoid TCP connection leakage with a lotus.domino.Session pool. Only thing I could come up with is recycle() and nullifying. I haven't had problems with connection leakage in similar situations but I guess it is possible.

Does anyone know of a way to force closure of the TCP connection?

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I wonder what IBM is up to...

...when alphaworks posts information about a new Standard Widget Graphics (SWG) framework for Eclipse. The screenshots, among other things, shows some examples that looks quite polished, e.g. at the bottom left. My guess is that they are gearing up to make sure Expeditor can actually handle some of the application scenarios described as Lotusphere. Nice.