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Re: Still a Domino Developer

There's quite a heated discussion going on at the moment at edbrill.com and at codestore.net. I'm a bit late to chime in but here's my 5 cents...

I enjoy working in Notes/Domino and overall I think that the platform really kicks a...! Does the product have its shortcomings? Sure - but that is true for most Swiss-army knife products. Could things be done better? Sure - but so it's true for many other applications and environments. Do I always agree with the decisions of Lotus? Nope - but I hardly ever agree with anybody... :-)

Being serious for a moment... My number one grievance with Lotus is not about feature XYZ but rather that that the bug/feature submission process for many IBM products, incl. Lotus Notes, is opaque. Once the bug/feature request is submitted it is very difficult to get the *real* status on the issue unless you know someone on the inside.

Would it be possible to make bug/feature request submission more transparent? What if the bug/feature request database was available on the web for all to peruse? Bug tracking systems like Atlassian JIRA and Bugzilla have functionality for voting on bugs. In this way all customers and business partners could see what's going on and what's actively being developed. It could also help Lotus to gauge what's really important to developers and what's not.

While I know that a process is probably not always possible I think it would go a long way to give developers an outlet for issues and ideas. It could be that I as an user wouldn't be allowed to create issues in the database myself but it would give me a chance to keep track of my issues.

Just a thought...

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Sametime 7.5 client language when doing plugin development

If you are doing any Sametime 7.5 plugin development you might have noticed that the client always starts up in your local language - Danish in my case. If your native language isn't English and you're developing international plugins you might want to run the Sametime client in English instead which you can do by adding a command line parameter in your launch configuration.

To do this open your launch configuration, go to the Arguments-tab and add "-nl <locale>" (without the quotes) in the "Program arguments" field. The specified locale can be any valid Java Locale such as US, DK or DE.

Lotusphere 2007: Room and time slot allocation is done

The room and time slot allocation is done as listed on the office Lotusphere 2007 page and in the session database. It looks like I'm one of those early birds and that I'm speaking i Swan 3-4.

What to do when POP3 is not allowed in Microsoft Outlook?

I'm helping a customer migrate e-mails from a Notes mail databases to Microsoft Outlook MSG-file format today. For this process we needed to extract all the e-mails using Outlook POP3 access to Domino. Nice and easy. Unfortunately the installed Outlook client didn't allow us to configure a POP3 account in Outlook. What to do? Look to Google to provide the answer.

Re:Removing the slash screen from Sametime 7.5

As mentioned in my SnTT post on 5 October 2006 (post) you can remove the splash screen from Sametime 7.5 by hacking the config.ini file in the configuration-directory. A by far easier way is simply to add -noSplash as a command line argument to sametime.exe in your Windows shortcut or to the sametime executable on Linux.

A little easier... ;-)

Central repository of known locations for Sametime 7.5

If you have Sametime 7.5 installed and use the location awareness you'll have a file called locprofile-config.xml holding the locations you have configured so far (mine is in C:\Documents and Settings\lekkim.HQ\Application Data\Sametime\.metadata\.plugins\com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.location).

The locations are identified by the network you are connected to and is identified by the current IP-subnet and the MAC address of the default gateway.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <locprofile profilename=" 00:09:7C:2B:74:88       ">
         <personalloc>it-inspiration hq</personalloc>
         <city>københavn k</city>
         <timezone>Central European Time (GMT +1)</timezone>
At present the file is person dependent but since it is part of a plugin but I think it would be really cool if parts of the file could be populated from a central repository via an extension point. This way the Sametime Connect client would automatically display the correct location of the user throughout the company without each user having to update the file themselves. It would also mean that the information could be entered and displayed in a consistent manner.

Of cause the user would still have to specify the location details for custom locations such as hotels, home work stations etc. but I think it would make life easier for the majority of users.

Just an idea...

Gems from the 7.0.2 release notes

I have made a habit of perusing the release notes of the Notes/Domino releases since it often contains very useful information about new features and/or enhancements which otherwise would go unnoticed. I have compiled a list of what I found in 7.0.2 release notes in this post.


Finding Installshield Tuner on Passport - impossible?

Now I have spent the better part of the morning trying to locate InstallShield Tuner for Notes on the Passport site without any luck. The part number for Notes 7 listed in technote 1226984 (p/n: C47CQNA) doesn't help either since they appear to be for Microsoft Outlook for Domino... :-(

I'm quite sure it used to be there...

Update: Apparently the key is to search for p/n CR31VNA on Passport. Why I simply cannot search for the p/n of the actual install (C84T5NA) still doesn't make any sense to me. Via notes.net...

Re: Sametime 7.5 business voes - why doesn't the picture update?

Just an update to my previous post - apparently my own business card is updating correctly (the timstamps of the XML-file and the image file changes) but it still doesn't update other users. Strange...

Sametime 7.5 business voes - why doesn't the picture update?

At the office we are using the business card feature of Sametime 7.5 and up to now it has been working fine since we got past our initial problems with the UserInfoServlet (which made me reverse engineer it). A problem is now appearing though. The problem is that once users update their business card picture in the Domino Directory (we simply populated the field with a "standard" image to begin with) the picture doesn't update in the Sametime Connect clients. Right-clicking the user in Sametime Connect and selected "Refresh Person Info" doesn't help either.

Poking around the Sametime folders I found where the cache is kept ("C:\Documents and Settings\lekkim.HQ\Application Data\Sametime\.metadata\.plugins\com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.people\PersonCache" on my computer). In this directory there is a folder per community you have configured in your client. In the folder for our internal community there is a XML-file and an image file per user - the XML file holds the information fetched from the UserInfoServlet-servlet and the image is the business card image.

I thought it was so simple that I could simply modify that last updated timestamp in the XML-file, delete the image file or delete both the XML-file and image file to make Sametime refresh the information. Not so however... :-( Exiting the client, manually updating the image and/or modifying the XML-file makes the new information appear when starting the client again.

Looks like the client is caching the information which is all well and good but shouldn't it update at some point?

I guess that the caching/refreshing is governed by some other setting - maybe in the buddylist. Unfortunately I can't find any information about this subject. All information is related to initially configuring the stuff.

Excellent explanation of Lotus Expeditor @ wissel.net

Stephan Wissel gives an excellent explanation of what Lotus Expeditor actually is (Volker likes Expeditor and Notes 8). Who said a picture is worth a thousand words? Lets hope not too many Notes 8 applications find themselves between a rock and a hard place! Okay that was a lame joke... :-)

Always Open. Now Free.

Java has been GPL'ed.

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Limits in Notes 7 junk mail handling?

We have a customer that receives tons of e-mail and hence a lot of spam is sent to them every day. Apart from using a third party anti-spam solution on the server they also use the junk mail functionality in Notes 7. Until today that is... Today they started to receive a strange message when trying to add more addresses to the list of blocked e-mail addresses.


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dbgMsg-methods in lotus.domino.AgentBase

Anyone who knows what the dbgMsg-methods in lotus.domino.AgentBase does except simply outputting to the system console?

public void setDebug(boolean)
public void dbgMsg(String);
public void dbgMsg(String, PrintWriter);
public void dbgMsg(String, PrintStream);
Once you call the setDebug-method with a parameter of true, the dbgMsg-methods will output text to the Java Debug Console or the supplied java.io.PrintWriter or java.io.PrintStream.

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IBM - Failover does not work for @Db Functions in Notes

Technote 1093915 outlines some information which is nice to remember when using @Formula to access databases in clusters. After considering this technote you might want a scheduled LotusScript or Java agent to discover the replica id of the target database and store the replica id in a profile document for usage by formula agents. This approach is usable if you want failover to work correctly and doesn't want to hardcode the replica id into agents which I always consider bad practice.

IBM - Failover does not work for @Db Functions in Notes

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Using negative offsets for calendar alarms

This tip could almost be classified as me pulling an "Alan Lepofsky"... :-)


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Lotusphere 2007: It's official - I'm presenting a session!

I must admit I got very excited when I received an e-mail from Rocky the other day with a preliminary approval of one of my submitted Lotusphere sessions. The pulse rose another notch yesterday when the official confirmation appeared in my inbox.

I'm presenting "BP308: Leverage DXL and OOP to Build Powerful Tools".

Monitor Your Web Addiction in Firefox

Do you dare to install this plugin for Firefox - I don't...

Gadget Lounge » Monitor Your Web Addiction in Firefox

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Potential IBM Lotus Notes information leakage on port 1352

Saw a technote on the Lotus Domino Support RSS feed on some potential information leakage on the Notes/Domino port (1352). Interesting as I cannot remember the last time I saw a security issue being reported in regard to the NRPC protocol. A fact that warms my security-conscientious heart.


DB2 Development Workbench

While looking to DB2 v. 9 I stumbled upon DB2 Developer Workbench which is the follow-up to the old suite of Swing based Java DB2 development applications which I must say was due for an overhaul. If DB2 Developer Workbench is the yardstick for future IBM development products based on the IBM Eclipse/Expeditor platform all I can say is wow!!

I already picture an integrated development platform for Lotus, DB2 and Java products (can't make myself write Websp...). It's gonna be a BIG install but imagine the applications you can build that leverage Notes 8 as the client for applications what access Notes, DB2 and Java resources. How's that for composite applications.

Seems everything is melting together nicely...

Application development with DB2

java.net: Nuances of the Java 5.0 for-each Loop

Nice article on java.net about the subtleties of the enhanced for-loop of Java 5: Nuances of the Java 5.0 for-each Loop. If you do any Java 5 development that doesn't need to be portable to Notes/Domino I highly recommend the article.


Am I the only one who have received a Lotus developerWorks newsletter with "Untitled" as the subject (see screenshot below)? The e-mail was very close to getting marked as SPAM... Not good!

Using OpenAudit to save my hair... :-)

Now that there won't be an OpenNTF session at Lotusphere 2007 I thought I would share how I just used Open Audit to implement auditing logging and hence save my hair... Furthermore I made to little hack in Open Audit that others might benefit from so I thought I would share.


Force Notes to use mail.box when multiple mail.boxes are enabled

Although IBM states that putting e-mails directly in the mail.box isn't a supported option, and Julie Kadashevich has been touting against it for years on Notes.net, apparently there is a setting for the notes.ini ensuring that Domino will continue to use the mail.box even though multiple mail.boxes has been configured. Only goes to show that it doesn't help trying to enforce not using a hack that developers use because it is just easier...

Can Notes be forced to use mail.box when multiple mail.boxes are enabled via the Lotus Support RSS feed.

Ahhh.... Old school Notes development

For the past two days I have been blessed with doing plain old school Notes application development. Simple forms, views and a couple of LotusScript agents. Nothing fancy. What a nice way to end the week and a welcome change from all those advanced applications we always seem to be working on. Apart from being nice to simply create a finished, polished application in two days it's also a nice reminder of how much you can do in Notes in such a short time.

Who chose to sort the timezones alphabetically in Sametime 7.5?

Wouldn't it make more sense to sort them by number of times offset from GMT? The screenshot is from the "Location Settings" dialog in Sametime 7.5.