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Using VALUES to build a recursive query

One of those famous notes to self. A smart way to avoid using temporary tables in DB2: Using VALUES to build a recursive query

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Looking forward to Java 5+ support in Notes

You don't really appreciate new language features until you have to back-port existing code to not use certain features. I really hope Hannover and Domino Next will have Java 5+ support.


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It's been a busy browser week...

Just upgraded my Firefox to version 2.0 and I'm posting this using it. Total time of upgrading the browser was 35 seconds incl. downloading the installer. Nice! Try that with Internet Explorer... I have a couple of extensions that no longer work since no compatible versions are available:

  • Qute theme (not an issue since I like the new theme)
  • View formatted source
  • Live HTTP Headers
The new version of Firefox adds a number of nice new features such as in-line spellchecking for web-forms.

Update: I had to disable one of my extensions called "Tab Mix". When the extension is enabled Firefox refuses to load new pages once the configured homepage(s) has been loaded. Disabling the extension solves the problem.

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Sametime 7.5 error message for the math wiz among us...

I have configured 100MB as the maximum filesize for file transfers via Sametime 7.5. I was however a little surprised when I saw how Sametime Connect chose to let me know that the file I was trying to send was above quota. Is there really a need to:

  1. show the maximum configured size in bytes!
  2. show the size of the file in scientific notation (1.024E8) and in bytes!

I guess that's a thing for service pack 1...

Upgraded to IE7

This morning I upgraded my production laptop to Internet Explorer 7. The upgrade was without problems and I haven't experienced any problems with it. While I'll continue using Firefox as my preferred browser I still have some e-banking and some customer stuff I need to do through IE (using the nice IE Tab extension for Firefox) so it's nice to get the security updates etc. that IE7 affords.

I haven't messed too much around with the IE7 but I'm impressed by what I have seen so far (new favorites, RSS support, tabbed browsing and dedicated search bar). I think it will become a strong competitor to Firefox for the non-geeks among us... :-)

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Using the right version of MSXML in Internet Explorer

I have previously written about the Microsoft XML parser (MSXML) and have had quite a lot of fustrations with it and was pleasantly surprised to find a post on the Microsoft XML Team's WebLog on the subject. The post is called "Using the right version of MSXML in Internet Explorer" and provide details on the different versions of MSXML and which version to use where. The post even has an executive summary section which I recommend you skim though I'll reproduce the most important 4 bullets for MSXML here:

  • Use MSXML 6.0 - it is "in the box" on Vista and available for download on Win2k, XP, and 2003. It has the best security, performance, reliability, and W3C conformance
  • MSXML 3.0 is our preferred "fallback" - It is installed on every OS from a fully patched Win2k SP4 installation on up, so it requires “zero-deployment” and is serviced regularly with the OS
  • MSXML 4.0 was released to the web about 5 years ago, but at this point has been superseded by MSXML 6.0 and is only intended to support legacy applications
  • MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications is purpose-built for Office applications and isn’t intended for broad deployment. Internet Explorer 7 actually has the MSXML5 components "off-by-default" in the Internet zone so your customers will get a goldbar for each MSXML5 control on a page if your code tries to instantiate it. The best recommendation is to avoid MSXML5 in your web apps (only machines with Office 2003 or higher will have it, anyway.).

Skim it now or save the bookmark for when you need to deal with MSXML.

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Nice review of IE7

Internet Explorer 7 Review on the SuperSite for Windows. The review touches on design, new features, security web standards compliance and when and how to upgrade. A nice read.

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Web Thumbnails

Nice blog post on how to create thumbnails of web sites using a web service. If the test script on his blog doesn't work he might be over his daily quota so you might have to go and get your own API key to test...

Ngoprek Web» Blog Archive » Web Thumbnail via dzone.com.

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Simple SWT File Drag'n'Drop example

Drag'n'drop example in SWT (the Eclipse GUI framework used by Sametime 7.5 and Hannover) by Allan Williamson: Simple SWT File Drag'n'Drop example

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Upgraded to FeedDemon 2.1 BETA 2

Just upgraded my RSS reader of choice, FeedDemon, to version 2.1 BETA 2 and I must say it is nice. I'm not much for beta software for my critical applications, and FeedDemon falls in that category, but I upgraded to have a small bug with FeedStation (the built in podcast-catcher) fixed. The release adds numerous small improvements to the UI and other pieces of small utility functionality (such as copying feed addresses etc.).

I especially like the highlighting of search terms in "Watches" (search based feeds inside FeedDemon) and the pagination of feeds with a lot of content. Previously it was sometimes difficult to see why a post was added to a Watch but not so anymore.

As to the stability I haven't had any issues with BETA 1 or BETA 2 besides the application taking a little longer than usual to synchronize with NewsGator.

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Spot the Domino Administrator bug!

Can you spot the bug in this screenshot from Domino Administrator 7.0.2? The winner gets to report it to Lotus...


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Be aware who you allow to handle your laptop

A sad but funny story from real life about a laptop, a car and an it-support company that probably needs to look at their policies for handling customer equipment. The name "John" is used throughout to protect the name of the innocent...


Six tips for Firefox 2 - reinstate the Firefox 1.5 close tab button

There has been some discussion on the web lately on how Mozilla for the Firefox 2 codestream has removed the close button at the end of the tab script. It appears you can keep the Firefox 1.5 behaviour by modify a property on the about:config page. Another cool feature I learned from these tips is that you can undo the closing of a tab - nice!!

For more information see Six tips for Firefox 2 over at ZDNet.

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Detecting IE7+ in Javascript

Abe Fettig points out how to detect IE7+ in your JavaScript code in a post called "Detecting IE7+ in Javascript". I know you probably use a browser detection script but untill it is updated you might want to patch it yourself.

Via dzone...

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Nice setting! Good to know when needing to configure a Domino on Linux server. IBM - Domino_Linux_Set_Parms=1 is not setting kernel parameters as expected via the Lotus Support RSS feed.

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Open Source madness!

I'm saddened when I read stuff like this. Shouldn't we rather focus on spreading the word and widening the adoption of Firefox than worrying about a simple logo?

Read all about why Debian is forking the Firefox codebase: Open Source madness! via dzone.com...

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Firefox bookmark for doing dns lookups

I do a lot of DNS lookups using dnsstuff.com and finally got around to doing a bookmark for it to make it easier to use.


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IBM - SPR #CMCY6JUMHX Product - Server

With SERVER_CLOCK=1 in the notes.ini, database tranactions are printed out with the amount of time in milliseconds it took to complete the transaction. The fix adds the timestamp to the output as debugging aide.

IBM - SPR #CMCY6JUMHX Product - Server

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Apache mod_rewrite on Query_String

Note to self: use a RewriteCond against %{QUERY_STRING} to match Query_String arguments in RewriteRule's. To send requests for http://www.example.com/stuff.jsp?id=2 to another host:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond   %{QUERY_STRING} id=2
RewriteRule   ^/stuff.jsp     http://www.acme.com [R,L]

StelsCSV v3.0 - a Fast JDBC Driver for CSV/Text Files

Unfortunately it isn't open source and/or free but I can certainly see the uses for a JDBC driver that acts on plain text files. I cannot count the number of times I have written routines for parsing text files during migration projects. Could this be the answer. Imagine being able to simply JOIN data from different text files! Nice!! Licenses start at 109 USD.

StelsCSV v3.0 - a Fast JDBC Driver for CSV/Text Files @ JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL

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Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum: Multilanguage default forms

I would really hope I could answer Christian on this one (Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum: Multilanguage default forms) though I have been experiencing similar problems myself with the Danish translation of the standard mail template. Most of the times it works but if it breaks you're in for a lot of fustrations.

Test case coverage reports using Cobertura

Looking for a code coverage tool for your test driven development but don't want to shell out the money for Clover? Check out Cobertura. I found it while perusing the list of fixed bugs for Jakarta Commons Lang 2.2 - if a project like Jakarta Commons goes for it it must be okay.

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Show 'n Tell Thursday: Removing the slash screen from Sametime 7.5 (5 October 2006)

In this installment of SnTT I'm going to focus on Sametime 7.5 and the slash screen which takes forever to disappear. Since I'm running Sametime 7.5 from my startup folder on Windows the slash screen is really annoying. There is a solution however - let's remove it/not show it...

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Steve's writing technotes

Don't know which is best - getting your template adopted by IBM or being permitted to publish technotes... :-)

Go Steve, go!


I know I'm quite late to the party but I finally got around to downloading and installing Domiclipse in Eclipse due to Bens post and I must say that it is very nice! There was a little caveat in the the installation via the Update Site in that I had to uncheck the "Ignore features not applicable for this environment" setting on the second page of the dialogbox to have all three components show up. Otherwise I would get a "missing required component error" during the install. In my defence it wasn't the most logical setting to disable. :-)

Anyways - it's up and running. Nice!! I got to go grab the source code I think.

Just say no to XML?

Just say no to XML? @ Java O'Reilly.

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C# for the Java developer

Will probably have to do some coding in C# one of these days so I'd better start reading up. Found an article via Google which looks like a promising no-nonsence way to start: A COMPARISON OF MICROSOFT'S C# PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE TO SUN MICROSYSTEMS' JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE by Dare Obasanjo.

Notes 7.0.2 doesn't seem to solve my tiling background image issue... :-(

As reported previously we have been having some problems with form background images tiling across the form in Lotus Notes 7.0.1 for a certain application. Unfortunately the issue is still present in Notes 7.0.2 while the issue doesn't appear in Notes 7.0. While Notes still has this issue we cannot recommend our customers to upgrade their client to 7.0.1 or 7.0.2. Bummer!

Bruce, Vince and Chris also had the problem in Notes 7.0.1 - does 7.0.2 solve the issue for you guys? I would very interested in hearing from you.

Servers and clients upgraded to 7.0.2

Just downloaded and upgraded my Notes client and our Domino servers to 7.0.2. Easy peasy...

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