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Disapointing news on the timetable for Hannover - release date pushed back?

I got quite disapointed when talking to a former IBM colleague of mine yesterday when he said that the public Hannover beta had been pushed back to 2nd quarter 2007 and the gold release pushed back to end 2007. From comments on Ed Brills blog I had gathered that a public beta would be available start of November 2006 (60 days from 1 September 2006) and from other discussions online that the gold release would be available mid 2007.

Does anyone have any credible info as to release dates? We need some solid information to tell customers.

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Show 'n Tell Thursday: Don't rely on the default font-size (28 Sept 2006)

Do not rely on the default font being Default Sans-serif and the default fontsize being 10pt when doing Notes programming. There are situations where this wont be true.

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Re: What's up with Sametime 7.5 spellchecking?

I was made aware by a coworker that the UI language and the spellchecking language doesn't go together as started previously. The only available spellchecking language in Sametime 7.5 is English. The dictionary for the spellchecking is located together with the IBM "langware"-plugin (see the "plugins\com.ibm.langware.v5.dic.en_US_5.3.1.9-20060714" directory) in the Sametime 7.5 install directory.

I wasn't able to find any additional dictionaries but found a post in the Sametime forum on LDD requesting the same thing. I do not however think I would be well of by finding additional dictionaries since there is no way to specify the spellchecking language in the Sametime client UI.

What's up with Sametime 7.5 spellchecking?

We have been running the new Sametime 7.5 at the office since its release and I must say that I'm impressed. The UI is slick and the new features have made it an up2date IM client. The small issues we had getting the server installed was, I guess, minor and could be expected. I have blogged about a couple of the issues previously.

I have an issue with the real-time spellchecking though. The feature is nice but apparently the spellcheck language follows the UI language which means that I cannot run the UI in English and have the spellcheck in Danish which is my native language. Separate options for UI language and spellcheck language would be nice. If IBM decides to do this I also think that they should consider letting the user set the spellcheck language from the button bar of the IM window for easy on-the-fly switching.

Gem from the LotusUsergroup.org newsletter

To reapply policies in Sametime 7.5 you simply have to restart the stpolicy service - no need to restart the entire server. Sweet!

Recovering Windows XP passwords

Once back from vacation I had forgotten the password to my newly purchased Windows Media Center machine. Reinstalling wasn't an option and fortunately there was a way around this. 10 minutes and 20 USD later I had my password thanks to the CD image from loginrecovery.com. There might be free options around but I didn't want to spend too much time looking.

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Java in Notes/Domino Explained: NotesException

Just a short post about lotus.domino.NotesException.


More sessions on blogging @ Lotusphere 2007

I have been thinking about the sessions on blogging at last years Lotusphere now as we are nearing the submission deadline for sessions for Lotusphere 2007. Did anyone submit abstracts for similar sessions this year? Do we need more sessions than at Lotusphere 2006?


Reverse engineering the Sametime 7.5 business card servlet

Continuing down the path of Sametime 7.5 I wanted to enable the business card feature with pictures but here the fun stopped. I couldn't get it to work even though I followed the HOWTO to the letter. It later turned out, as it oftes does, that my own setup was to blame but I learned some interesting facts about the business card setup in the process which I would like to share.


Lotusphere abstracts submitted

That's that! I finally got around to submitting my abstracts for Lotusphere 2007. I have submitted five focusing a lot on Java in Notes/Domino, servlet development, DXL and of cause LotusScript.doc. Now all I can do is sit back and wait until November. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Free Eclipse webinars

"Looking to learn more about the different projects involved that make up Eclipse? We are running a series of free webinars to help you better understand how you can use the different Eclipse projects. Take a look and sign-up today."
Free Eclipse webinars via Eclipse in the News.

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Re: Multiple communities in Sametime 7.5

As noted in my previous post I have added the IBM SIP community as an extra community to my Sametime 7.5. One of my coworkers tried to do the same thing and it appears that if your IBM id is your e-mail address you should not append @<country code>.ext.ibm to your IBM id when signing in. Nice to know.

Multiple communities in Sametime 7.5

How nice is this! Now that we are running Sametime 7.5 internally I have configured an additional Sametime community by following the guidelines from Chris Pipin. This means that I now have my uncle from IBM in Denmark in my Sametime client as well. Nice! Only caveat is that you cannot lookup the address of the contact using the "Lookup..." button as you would expect. You have to simply enter the address, check "External address" and click the "Add" button.

There was a caveat for him to add me as well. My IBM id is "lekkim" but he has to append "@dk.ibm.ext" to the IBM id in order for him to find me.

Does anyone know it this means that bloggers can IM each other using the IBM Sametime community? I'm up for the test so feel free to try and add me (lekkim@dk.ibm.ext) to your Sametime client.

Happy IM'ing!!

developerWorks: The Java XML Validation API

"Validation reports whether a document adheres to the rules specified by the schema. Different parsers and tools support different schema languages such as DTDs, the W3C XML Schema Language, RELAX NG, and Schematron. Java 5™ adds a uniform validation Application Programming Interface (API) that can compare documents to schemas written in these and other languages. Learn about this XML validation API."

The Java XML Validation API

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Sametime server upgraded to 7.5

Well I took the plunge and upgraded our internal Sametime 3.1 server to Sametime 7.5 and it was almost a dissapointing experience. Not a single issue. Not one... It was super easy - click, click, click and the server was upgraded without any problems - all users retain their buddylists and some hasn't even noticed the upgrade. Only a few users have had the new client installed but we will be rolling the client out soon as well.

Although it was a very pleasant experience I did notice two things:

  • When running the UI in Danish the "Paste" command in the Edit-menu is incorrectly translated to "Klistre". The Danish translation in other programs is "Sæt ind".
  • If attempting a file transfer of a file that exceeds the maximum filesize set in the policy, the filesizes are shown in bytes and not in megebytes as one would expect (see image below).

Apart from that - Happy Sametime Friday!! :-)

Lotusphere abstract weekend

I have got to get those abstracts for Lotusphere 2007 submitted over the weekend. As mentioned yesterday by Rocky Oliver there's still time - deadline is 15 September.

developerWorks article: Discover location awareness in IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5

"No matter where you are IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5 can find you with its new location awareness feature. Learn about the server-side and client-side mechanisms for location awareness and get a peak at a plug-in that uses location data to bring you local attractions."
Discover location awareness in IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5

Funky replication message that might be an error message

While troubleshooting some replication issues on a Domino 7.0.1 server on i5/OS (AS/400) I saw some strange messages ("Unambiguous Note" / "NO Place Holders") in the console.log file.


Patch to Pebble 2.0-RC2 submitted

I have submitted a patch to Pebble (the blogging software I run) to make it possible to handle additional filetypes using the core Pebble 2.0 framework since I'm building an application on top of the framework. How I love open source!


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Do you believe in crop circles?

Click to see if you do... :-)


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Are you using Atlassian Confluence?

If you are using Atlassian Confluence and if you're using the contentFromLabel-macro to generate dynamic lists based on labeled pages please go vote for issue CSP-5071 in the Atlassian JIRA to fix the exporting of spaces using the macro.