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Maybe IBM should check up on the download descriptions... :-)

Got a little surprised when I read the "product overview" while downloading the C and C++ API for Domino 7 from Lotus developerWorks...

Smokis Notesblog: Performing on-line backup using the C API

Wow! This could turn into a very handy utility to allow administrators to take an online copy of an active database from a Domino server. Can't wait to see what he's going to cook up next.

Online Backup of databases with the C API Example (Part I)

Error installing Notes 7 on a machine without a C-drive

Tried installing Notes 7.0.1 on a Citrix server (Windows 2003 Server) without a C-drive at a customer and got the below error message ("Ugyldigt drev: C:\" translates to "Non-existing drive: C:\"). Anyone ever experienced anything like this?

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Show 'n Tell Thursday: Do you weigh in at Flyweight? (24 August 2006)

For this installment of SnTT I'm going to discuss a design pattern called Flyweight which may be applied to many a programming scenarios where you are handling many objects at once.

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CVS to Subversion

Migrating from CVS to Subversion looks simple enough... Converting an existing CVS repository to Subversion @ juretta.com.

Check out netvibes.com!!

Check out netvibes.com. I found the site by following a referer link from this site and I must admit that I'm very impressed. Portal-like drag'n'drop of content "portlets" and nice functionality. Could be made into a very nice startpage for ones online activities. Check it out!

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This week on developerWorks!

On the This week on developerWorks! podcast for August 23rd Scott Laningham talks to Tara Hall about the release of Sametime 7.5 (shownotes). At only around 6 minutes in length the podcast is short but offer some nice information about the Sametime 7.5 SDK and links to an article on using the new SDK (Extending IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5),

Be aware though! The Sametime 7.5 SDK weighs in at around 160 MB but it also contains 10 toolkits.

Changing domain names

I'm in the process of changing this blog from its old domain name at blog.lekkim.heisterberg.dk to its new domain name at lekkimworld.com so please update your bookmarks / aggregator accordingly. My Apache is currently setup to redirect the base blog URL and the RSS feed but at some point I will be removing that functionality. New URLS are as follows:

  • RSS: http://lekkimworld.com/rss.xml
  • Blog: http://lekkimworld.com

Suggestions for the GURUpalooza! Lotusphere session

Sparked by a post on edbrill.com I have thinking about the format of the GURUpalooza! session at Lotusphere. I outlined my ideas in a post after the session last year but I'll try and elaborate further on the ideas here. Comments are more than welcome.


Mark Ambler: Using LotusScript to import an image resource

I just saw that Mark Ambler wrote some code to import an image resource into a Notes database using DXL. It complements the code I wrote some time back to export an image resource from a database using DXL (Helping out a fellow blogger getting the actual bytes of an image resource - a lesson in the intricacies of DXL representation).

See the post for the complete code: Using LotusScript to import an image resource

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Evaluate @formulas in XSL transforms

Now this is cool and I can see how this can be very useful in a number of scenarios. In his latest SnTT post Egor Margineanu, Notes/Domino blogger from Moldovia, is using the Java extensionability of the Java XSLT processor he uses (Saxon) to evaluate @formulas in computed text. Very nice! Check it out.

Direct link to post: SnTT: Evaluate @-formula in XSL transformation

Lotusphere 2007 registration completed

I'm so going!! ;-)

Show 'n Tell Thursday: Finding the "My Documents"-folder (17 August 2006)

It has been a while but this week I'm back in SnTT-mode with a post on finding the users "My Documents" / "My Pictures" folder on Windows.

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AutoPurge for OpenLog

We are using the OpenLog logging framework written by Julian extensively in our applications but in logging intensive applications or when running with our custom DEBUG-level enabled you can generate a lot of logging documents. Cleaning these up should preferably be done automatically on a scheduled basis so I wrote a small agent to purge log documents older than 6 months and thought I would share:

Sub Initialize
   Dim session As New NotesSession
   Dim db As NotesDatabase
   Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection
   Dim dt As NotesDateTime
   Set dt = New NotesDateTime(session.International.Today)
   Call dt.AdjustMonth(-6)
   Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
   Set dc = db.Search(|Form="LogEvent" & LogEventTime<@TextToTime("| + dt.DateOnly + |")|, Nothing, 0)
   Call dc.RemoveAll(True)
End Sub
Really simple and nothing much to it...

Google Analytics

The by-invitation-only entry to Google Analytics has been removed so anyone who wants an account may have one. For those who do not know what Google Analytics is, it's a free, totally cool web statictics package from Google. Installing it takes 2 minutes and is done by copy/pasting some JavaScript into your page layout. I highly recommend it.

To read more stop by the Google Analytics blog.

Securing an IBM Lotus Domino Web Server: A case study

Via the "developerWorks : Lotus : Technical library - Articles" RSS feed: Securing an IBM Lotus Domino Web Server: A case study

Perform point-in-time table-level restore in Informix Dynamic Server

Via the "developerWorks : DB2 : Technical library - Articles" RSS feed: Perform point-in-time table-level restore in Informix Dynamic Server

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Lotusphere baby!!

As reported other places already the registration for Lotusphere 2007 is opening mid August. Nice!! :-)

Unable to redirect failover from SERVER!!web.nsf

Experiencing the strange error message from the subject in the log when running clustering on Domino 6.5.4 servers on Windows. Workaround is to create a web.nsf database. Hmmmm....

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FeedDemon helps you manage your feeds

Just noticed a (new) feature in FeedDemon (I'm running version that allows you to automatically unsubscribe from a feed if there are no updated within the defined number of days. That's really cool for comment feeds which is becoming increasingly popular. Nice! If only I would be able to set this on entire feed folders and/or have feeds added to a specific folder automatically inherit the setting. See - that would be totally cool! At present I have to remember setting the flag on all comment feeds I subscribe to.

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Security threats of syndicated content

I guess it had to happen or will happen at some point that RSS is used as the vector to exploit some kind of security vulnerability.


Technote 1188789: Supported versions of Java with IBM Lotus Products

Apart from the fact that the table looks like it was put together by someone high on drugs it contains some nice-to-know information about the different JVM versions across IBM Lotus products. One of those technotes it is nice to know when in doubt...

Via the Lotus Domino Support RSS feed: Supported versions of Java with IBM Lotus Products

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SOA in action inside IBM, Part 1: SOA case studies

Interesting article (the first in a series) from developerWorks on how SOA is deployed and utilized within IBM. Nice to see some concrete examples which at least helped me to further my understanding of the concept of SOA.

Via developerWorks RSS feed: SOA in action inside IBM, Part 1: SOA case studies

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HOWTO: Enable plaintext authentication for the Windows telnet service

Google to the rescue - quite a spooky non-Microsoft command-line interface but it gets the job done. How do I enable plain text passwords with the telnet server in Windows 2000?

Ahhh - there is of cause the Microsoft (proprietary) solution

As mentioned yeasterday I have been reinventing the wheel and (re)writing XPath 2.0 functions as named XSLT templates since the MSXML 3 in Internet Explorer 6 isn't XPath 2.0 compliant. As always there is however a Microsoft proprietary solution using the urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xslt namespace. This namespace adds support for a number of utility functions as mentioned in the "Microsoft XPath Extension Functions"-article over at Microsoft Developer Network.

You have to be running MSXML 4 for this namespace to work however which means that even the proprietary solution isn't workable for me since MSXML 3 is the default for Internet Explorer 6.

While researching this subject I found that MSXML 3 (or 4) isn't the newest version. There is a MSXML 5 (only used with Office 2003) and a MSXML 6 (supplied with Visual Studio 2005). Even the newest MSXML 6 doesn't however support XPath 2.0. The supported API's in MSXML 6 is:

  • XML 1.0 (DOM & SAX2 APIs)
  • XML Schema (XSD) 1.0
  • XPath 1.0
  • XSLT 1.0

Come on already - please implement the standards!

Beware of Firefox

FYI - I have had big problems with the stability of Firefox so I would think twice before upgrading... My symptoms are crashing of the browser, big memory usage and general slowness...

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How I hate reinventing the wheel

I'm doing quite a lot of work at the moment defining XML document "languages" and associated XML schemas (why I'm happy for the great XML and XML Schema (XSD) support in Callisto) at the moment. In that connection I'm also doing XSLT stylesheets for end-user presentation in Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher). We have to make Internet Explorer a requirement for user-presentation since Firefox doesn't support resolving entity references when using XSLT which we need for content reuse.

Once this was settled it was all well and good until I yesterday discovered that Internet Explorer 6 (and hence MSXML 3.0) doesn't support XPath 2.0 which means that all the nifty XSLT functions defined in XPath 2.0 such as the date/time functions cannot be used. Bummer!

So here I am back at reinventing the wheel rewriting all the date/time functions as named templates using the substring XPath 1.0 substring function. Even more bummer!

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Need XSLT support in Callisto?

For some reason I fail to understand the recently released collection of plugins from the Eclipse Foundation (also referred to as Callisto) doesn't include support for XSLT even though it has editors for XML, DTD's and XML Schema (XSD). Support to XSLT is however very easy to add since you can use the EclipseXSLT plugin.

Installing is as easy as creating a new remote update site under "Help\Software Updates\Find and Install" and installing it from there. The address to the update site is http://eclipsexslt.sourceforge.net/update-site. Took me 5 minutes or so. Easy. It does however require that you already installed the XML part of the Callisto release.

Demystifying LDAP

Demystifying LDAP via dzone.com...

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