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Calendar interoperability

While listening to Inside the Net episode 29 podcast I learned of calconnect.org which is "The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium" (Quote: "The Consortium is focused on the interoperable exchange of calendaring and scheduling information between dissimilar programs, platforms, and technologies. The Consortium's mission is to promote general understanding of and provide mechanisms to allow interoperable calendaring and scheduling methodologies, tools and applications to enter the mainstream of computing.")

In the podcast Scott Mace is interviewed and mentions calconnect.org where they recently got seven calendar systems to talk to each other. Interesting Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange is included in the test using CalDAV.

This is very interesting. Would this be too late to fully incorporate and support CalDAV in Hannover/Domino Next?

I'm back...

Well - I'm back from my cycling (holiday-)trip to the Dolomite mountain range in Italy. 688 km and 17.280 meters climbed on 6 stages going between all the famous ski resorts there (Canazei, Cortina, Val Gardena etc.). Work will actually feel like holiday now... :-)

Going on vacation!

I probably wont be blogging at all over the next week as I'm leaving for the Dolomiti mountain range in Italy to ride my bike. 6 stages with a total of 604 km and 16710 height meters incl. many well known Giro d'Italia stages. If you care you can see the passes I'll be riding here (in Danish). I'll be posting pictures regulary at my personal blog (also in Danish).

Profile for stage 2:

Stu Downes: Blogging using Domino

Stu Downes has an interesting post on the upcoming blogging features of Notes/Domino 7.0.2 and some of the challenges for corporations and it-departments incl. points on Sametime integration, extensibility and security. An intesting read.

Notes/Domino 7.0.2 only a template release?

Watching the keynote from the Ireland Notes Usergroup 2006 via Google Video I stumbled upon something Ed Brill said in relation to the release Notes/Domino 7.0.2. What I heard was something like:

"...we're not touching the core code. This is all template work or install work. <snip/> It's not going to touch anything about nserver.exe, it's not going to touch anything about your address book, it's not going to touch anything about your replication. It's not going to touch anything about your users."

How can that be? Not all the 388 fixes listed on Lotus developerWorks are template related. Did I misunderstand what Ed said or were he simply wrong? Did he mean the added RSS functionality was orthogonal to the code? Hmmm...

MobileViking.be: UserSession object in Domino

Stumbled upon a post called "UserSession object in Domino" over at MobileViking.be which looks very interesting... It's an approach to using the Front Controller/Strategy pattern to provide sticky sessions to web users using a Java agent in Domino.

BTW - Erwind must be one of the first bloggers there was! He has a post dated January 1970! :-)

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AJAXified Javadoc

Check out Javaref - looks nice...

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Problems with Sametime client in Notes 6.5.1 against Domino/Sametime 7

Just a mental note to self. Don't try to use the embedded Sametime client in Notes 6.5.1 against a Domino/Sametime 7 server. It does not work. Upgrading the client to Notes 6.5.5 solved the problem.

Error message was the well-known "Incorrect password" (0x8000003).

Domino Session Tester updated

The Domino Session Tester mentioned yesterday has been updated so you can test whether the user in question can connect to a particular database. You can also test access a particular document (based on UNID). The download on the original post now points to the new version.

The new command line switches are -s (server), -d (database) and -u (universal id).

Are you deploying a bookmark database to your users via replication?

If yes, what ACL do you use?

I tried setting the ACL for -Default- to Reader but get errors because Notes apparantly creates "history" documents (Form="HistoryListEntry" - scanEZ to the rescue) in the database so Reader isn't enough. I guess I could allow higher access but how do I then control the amount of "history" documents created and avoid replicating them to all users (without setting selective replication formulas)? The whole idea is to have a bookmark database you can control centrally and push to users using replication - I hope this isn't a pipe dream


Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Domino Session Tester

As described previously you can create local and remote sessions to Notes/Domino using the Java API. This post provides a downloadable utility to test local and remote sessions.


Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Different kinds of sessions

There are two types of sessions when talking Java and Notes/Domino. This post describes the difference.


Comment SPAM - again...

The easiest way to block comment SPAM is to turn of comments altogether. Another way is to turn of comments to existing posts periodicly which is the way I do it (using a cron job). I'm running Pebble for my blog so disabling comments and trackbacks in bulk is easy using Perl and regular expressions:

perl -pi -e 's/\<commentsEnabled\>true/\<commentsEnabled\>false/' `find . -name [0-9]*.xml`
perl -pi -e 's/\<trackBacksEnabled\>true/\<trackBacksEnabled\>false/' `find . -name [0-9]*.xml`
This is the same approach as I have been used previously to rename categories.

Installing Callisto on Eclipse 3.2

Screenshots of installing Eclipse 3.2 and Callisto.


Video on how to install Callisto

Via EclipseZone: Instructional video on how to use the Callisto update site

As the post mentions it shows you in 2 minutes and 35 seconds how to install the entire 140 MB Callisto package. I downloaded Eclipse 3.2 yesterday and installed Callisto using the Callisto Discovery Site and it worked like a charm. Nice. I really like the XML editors that are part of the Callisto distribution - no more paying for XML editing. I'm missing a XSLT editor though... :-(

PMR at Lotus Support

Just got a call from Lotus Support confirming that the issue mentioned previously with mail settings not being correctly applied is indeed a bug in the software. In short the bug implies that a mail setting that requires an agent to be enabled (e.g. the "Allow Notes to update To Do status and dates for incomplete entries" setting on the calendar profile) will not be correctly applied to user mail databases.

For the time being you can use the agent mentioned previously to work around the problem.

Happy 4 July (and don't let them tell you TV can't teach you anything!)

The President in the hit TV show The West Wing is called Josiah Bartlet and is a democrat of New Hamsphire. Did you know that that's the same name as the first person of the New Hampshire delegation who signed the Declaration of Independence? Funny little twist.

Happy 4 July!