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Additional links for XML entity references

Just thought I would share a couple of links on XML entity references:

What's new in Eclipse 3.2

Nice combined overview of what's new in the upcoming release 3.2 of the Eclipse IDE at The EclipseZone.

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Firefox and external XML entity references

Be aware if you would like to use external entity references in Firefox. There's a Firefox-only caveat that might bite you if you're not aware of it.


Re: Firefox problem with multiple startup pages

As previously posted I had a problems with having multiple startup pages when running with the Tab Mix Plus extension in Firefox. I posted the issue in the extension forum and the issue was fixed in the dev. build. See the message in the forum for a link to the dev. build if you're interested.

Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum: Java Thread Synchronization in HTTP JVM

Saw a very interesting post on Java thread synchronization in the Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum over at Lotus developerWorks. I see that Julian already posted a reply but he also admits he's not exactly a subject matter expert. Anyone else who has some information on the subject that they dare to share?

Link to post: Java Thread Synchronization in HTTP JVM

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Firefox problem with multiple startup pages

Don't know if you are aware of this but in Firefox you can open multiple tabs automatically when the browser starts - kind of like homepage on steoroids. You do this by separating the URLs with the pipe character (|) in the list of homepages in the options (on the General tab in Tools\Options...). I use this a lot if I found some information I do not care bookmarking but I'll need the next day.

There seems to be a problem with this feature however. When reopening the browser the tabs will not expand and show the page titles (see screenshot below) until I close one tab. After researching a bit it turned out to be caused by the otherwise excellent Tab Mix Plus extension. Disabling the extension removes the issue. Hmm....

The issue is on Firefox and Tab Mix Plus on Windows XP SP2.

Don't plan!!

Received a nice quote by John Preston of Boston University from my big brother:

"The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and not preceded by a period of worry and depression."

Critical RealVNC vulnerability discovered

If you are running RealVNC for remote access you should make sure to upgrade the server software due to a recently discovered critical vulnerability. This is especially true if the VNC machine is available on the standard port and without VPN requirements.

"Using the following method, it is trivial to gain access to any RealVNC server without knowing the password. This allows full control of the target machine, with privilege levels equalling that of the user under which the RealVNC server runs - often full Administrator access on Windows desktops."

Full article on securityfocus.com: RealVNC 4.1.1 Remote Compromise

Lotus Support: DSKTOOL.EXE Utility - Updates a user's Notes desktop After recertification

"The DSKTOOL.EXE Utility essentially remediates the users desktop icons in a recertification exercise."

Technote 4004260

Show 'n Tell Thursday: SSH tunneling - a must have tool for any travelling consultant (18 May 2006)

The post for this weeks Show 'n Tell Thursday is about how a travelling consultant can access their the Domino and/or Sametime server at the office while at a customer location with outbound firewall restrictions.

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The word is spreading - Hannover mentioned at EclipseZone

"The next release of Notes, codenamed Hannover, will begin beta testing this fall with a set of office productivity tools that support the industry-standard OpenDocument Format (ODF), Lotus announced this week at a user group conference in Germany."

Full article at EclipseZone: Notes & ODF > Eclipse RCP?

Updated on 18 May 2006: Also Slashdotted...

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Escape parenthesis' in FT query

Had an issue today with an application that finds document using a FT search in LotusScript. The problem appeared to be quite obvious. The query was:

FIELD <fieldname> CONTAINS (<query>)
FIELD CompanyName CONTAINS (Acme)
After looking into the problem the source of the issue turned out to be that the query string itself contained parenthesis' which made the query be malformed due to the parenthesis'.
FIELD CompanyName CONTAINS (Acme (US))
The solution was to enclose the query string in quotes:
FIELD CompanyName CONTAINS ("Acme (US)")

Cool retro conference pad

Saw the below pad at a (long time Domino) customer site where they had been cleaning out some old cupboards... Cool!

Cool new abbreviation/acronym

WAB = Work Avoidance Behavior :-)

Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Visibility modifiers

When programming in Java you need to know the difference between the different visibility modifiers controlling access and visibility of member variables and methods.


Extending the reach - Sametime for the masses...

As previously announced the new version of Sametime (v. 7.5) will be able to connect to the Google Talk network and hence extend the reach of the Sametime enabled knowledge-worker. What wasn't apparent to me at the time of the annoucement was the fact that the integration means that the reach will be extended even more when vendors like Nokia integrates Google Talk into their products. Great scoop for IBM/Lotus and great news for all the users of Sametime.

Via Slashdot...

I guess that's what you call adoption...

"Ian Skerrett has put together quite a comprehensive list of languages supported by Eclipse and the associated plugins. In addition to that he asks anyone that notices a discrepancy in his list to pipe up and add it. I was baffled by the size of this list, but it is a great reference for developers thinking of coming over to the Eclipse IDE and thinking "Can I work in that IDE?", the answer seems to be a resounding YES."

Full post at the EclipseZone: Support for 20 Languages in Eclipse

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developerWorks: "Controlling spam: Advanced SMTP settings in Lotus Domino"

The article includes a nice overview of notes.ini settings applicable to the SMTP task. Remember to also check Chris Linfoots blog...

Link to article

Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Testing for equality

A big fustration when going from LotusScript to Java is the, seemingly simple, problem of comparing strings. I have been contacted by many that cannot understand why the == operator doesn't yield the result they expect. This post will tell you why...


IT-Conversations: Ray Ozzie

Saw this podcast with Ray Ozzie on the IT-Conversations network and thought I would share even through the podcast isn't on Notes/Domino...

"Ray Ozzie, Chief Technical Officer at Microsoft, sees Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as a building block for the future Web. When combined with new tools that make it easier to use, RSS could bring the ability to write powerful composite web applications to the level of a script programmer or even a non-technical computer user. [snip] How can we move information as easily from one website to another? What kind of a tool could act as a clipboard for the web?"

Ray Ozzie: Simple Bridge-building

Microsoft RSS feeds

Microsoft has gathered all their RSS feeds on a single page. Via Robert Scoble.

Is the LotusUserGroup.org server improperly configured?

I was quite surprised to receive this e-mail in my inbox today... I'm not amused! How can a person, and a bad speller at that, get at the mailing list for the newsletter?

Need to access Domino from PHP?

If so check out the new article on Lotus developerWorks called Building PHP-based UIs for IBM Lotus Domino. The article shows you how to use COM to access Domino on Windows and XML for other platforms. Worth a read if you're into PHP...

Java in Notes/Domino Explained: Operators

An post on the most commonly used operators in Java (==, !=, &&, ||, ++, --, +=, -=).


Address Picker on the web

For a customer project I need an address picker for the web. Instead of starting to build one from scratch myself I looked a little around and found one in the R6 NAB with a little help from the forum at developerWorks.

This just raises the question whether one is allowed, license-wise, to reuse components from the templates supplied by Lotus... Anyone who knows?

Comments feed for lekkimworld

Recently I was asked whether I had a comments feed to lekkimworld which I didn't at the time, but I have created one. The feed isn't perfect since the name of the comment author is missing but it is a start. I'm working on improving it.

You can access the comments feed using the following link.

Notes calendar iCal export

Nice for import into Google Calendar - iCal export from Lotus Notes via Indcentral.com.

Firefox released (security update)

I just saw that Firefox has been released so go and get your copy at getfirefox.com. The release fixes a denial of service security vulnerability.

Explorer Destroyer

Are you ready to get serious about switching users from IE to Firefox?: Explorer Destroyer... Kill Bills browser.

Parle vous Domino?

I find it refreshing when someone chooses to blog in their native language when it isn't English. I recently became aware of Julien Bottemanne who is blogging in French. Another example of "native blogging" is Thomas Adrian who is blogging in Swedish.

So please help me welcome Julien Bottemanne to the Domino blogosphere (I think Thomas is well known already). It seems like Julien is doing a fair amount of blogging on Notes/Domino and has been doing so for amount a year. You can find Juliens blog at www.domlike.net.


Rounding to .0 or .5

Have you ever needed to round a number to .0 or .5? At least Breaking Par has...


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Introduction to regular expressions in ten steps

If you have been following my blog for a while you know I'm a big fan of regular expressions. Previously I also showed you how to use Regular Expressions from LotusScript using the Microsoft VBScript component. What have been missing however was a simple "This is how to get going with regular expressions" tutorial but that has been solved. Take a look at Russ Olsen's weblog and his two part series "Regular Expressions In Ten Steps". Check it out using the links below.

I also recommend the Mastering Regular Expressions book from O'Reilly as a good guide into this exciting realm.

Optical keyboard? (includes pictures)

How cool is this? At a client site today I saw an "optical" keyboard projected from a Bluetooth device onto the desk. Nice - although very geeky!! :-)