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Imported Java agent

I saw a post on Lotus developerWorks asking for help on creating an imported Java agent. Since I have seen this question so many times I finally decided to create an example.


Sametime 7.5 - upgrading is going to be cool!

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The buzz about the next release of Sametime started at Lotusphere 2006 and now IBM is starting to really tease us. The new information is looking VERY promising. While I guess the users will mainly focus on the updated UI the release brings a host to new features of which I'm really excited about a couple of them:

  • A supported, standards based, plugin architecture for 3rd party extension
  • Location based awareness
  • Possibility to save chat history
  • Administration of users and groups based on policies
  • Emoticons (I think it definately has its place in business IM'ing)

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Override standard Notes client error messages

While perrusing the fix list for Notes 6.5.5 I stumbled upon an entry describing how it is now possible to override the standard error messages if you know the hex error code. It's SPR #ARUI6FRLJ5.

It means that you will be able to customize error messages like "The server is not responding" etc. I will need to look into this.

I guess the only thing we need to know now is the actual hex error codes... :-)

Update: Chris jumped in and told me where to find the error codes. As of Notes/Domino 7.0.1 there are 7308 error codes!! Wild.

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If anyone has Rockys e-mail address...

...please let him know that his RSS feed is messed up and hence not working. Something about a mismatched tag:

XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </content:encoded>.
Location: http://www.lotusgeek.com/SapphireOak/LotusGeekBlog.nsf/stories.rss
Line Number 80, Column 802:

I discovered it by accident since I went to his site for the link to the super cool button maker and saw some posts I hadn't seen in my RSS reader. I almost missed Bob Balaban guest blogging about UTF-8, UTF-16 and LMBCS (which are character sets if you were wondering)... :-)

Another quirk in Lotus Notes 7.x found

Pressing Shift - remove all documents from an embedded view restricted to a category. It seems like a regression from the Notes 6.5.x codestream.

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Show 'n Tell Thursday: Export directly from a web agent to an Excel spreadsheet in landscape format (23 Feb 2006)

In this installment of Show n' Tell Thursday I'm going to show how to create an Excel spreadsheet from a web agent. The twist is that it is going to use some lesser known HTML attributes to allow you to set the page title and the page orientation.

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Awareness with Notes 6.5.1 against Sametime 7.0 server - broken?

I upgraded the combined Domino/Sametime server at a remote site from Domino 6.5.4/Sametime 6.5.1 to Domino 7.0/Sametime 7.0 the other day. The only issue during the upgrade were some problems with some files being written to the wrong place. Afterwards the install tested out okay. The problem was however that I tested using my Notes 7.x client... :-(

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Opening a database by replica id with failover - possible at all?

I'm trying to write some LotusScript to open a database in a clustered environment using the replica id. It seems impossible using the standard LotusScript API since the methods supporting this is simply missing. Where is the OpenWithFailover-method that takes a replica id as an argument?

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Trying to explain inheritance and polymorphism

I'm trying to write a brief introduction to object oriented programming where I want to get, what is in my book, the two core concepts of inheritance and polymorphism across. So far I'm trying my luck with a bird analogy to try and explain the concepts that I find are often times very hard to explain, and even more often misunderstood. Comments would be more than welcome.


Show 'n Tell Thursday: Fixing the sorting in the "Recent Messages" (16 Feb 2006)

I'm joining in on the Show 'n Tell Thursdays with a tip on how to fix the sorting of the "Recent Messages" view in the "My Work" bookmarks page. Not much code today but it fixes a real annoyance from my perspective.


I dare you to further shorten it further... (search syntax part 3)

As pointed out you can really shorten the syntax used when fulltext searching. I thought I had found the Grail of search syntax but Jens let me know it can actually be further shortened so that

[xxx] = (yyy, zzz, www)

Are we just a short step from cognative computing so the Domino server simply knows what we want to search for?

Dropping the FIELD-keyword from the fulltext search syntax...

As posted the other day (To OR or not to OR...) you can use parenthesis' to condense the fulltext search string in Notes when OR'ing terms together. Another option I just discovered today is to use square brackets instead of the "FIELD"-keyword.

The search query

can therefore also be written as
[xxx] CONTAINS yyy

Combining this with my previous post a verbose search query such as

can therefore be written much shorter as
[xxx] CONTAINS (yyy, zzz, www)

It makes you wonder which other gems are hidden in the fulltext search syntax doesn't it...

Displaytag 1.1 released

For those of you who do Web applications in Java (using JSPs) make sure to look into displaytag. Displaytag is a set of open source tag libraries for displaying tables in all shapes and forms. I use it (Displaytag 1.0) on a number of projects and can highly recommend it.

Now displaytag 1.1 has been released (changelog / migration guide) so that is something to look into.

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Installing Sametime 7 to a Domino server with a "custom" data-directory

I needed clean up after installing Sametime 7 on a Domino server where the data-directory has been moved away from the binary directory.


To OR or not to OR...

Many of you might know this already but when fulltext searching a Domino database and you need to OR some arguments together you have two choices for the syntax.

The verbose option (which I have been using so far):

or the much less verbose option that achieves the same as the above example (which I learned today from a co-worker):
FIELD xxx CONTAINS (yyy, zzz, www)

He found the syntax using trial-and-error - go figure!! :-)

P.S.: It would be really interesting if there is a AND shorthand as well...

Some people wait too long before upgrading

Disclaimer: Before starting I just want to point out that I know that there might be legitimate business reasons for not upgrading sooner.

While going through the Lotus developerWorks forum today (using the RSS main topic feed) I saw a post asking a question regarding ODBC before upgrading their server to version 7 later in the year. The versions used in the setup amazes me:

  • Domino server on 4.6.7a
  • OS of Domino server is NT4 SP5
  • Workstations running Notes 4.6.7a (on Windows XP though)
Here we all are discussing Domino/Notes 6.5+ features and can't wait for Notes 7.5 / Hannover and then someone is still running 4.6!! On Windows NT4!! Amazing.

If it aint broken - don't fix it!!

If nothing else it just proves that Domino just runs, and runs, and runs, and runs...

Notes 7.0.1 upgrade woe - background image now tiling

I upgraded to Notes 7.0.1 on my laptop yesterday and now I'm having some background image tiling issues with a custom application. The server is still on Domino 7.0.


No need to wait for Bob to open source his Domino Session PoolManager

If you need a Domino Session PoolManager take a look at letting Jakarta Commons Pool handle the actual session pooling. It is the pooling itself which is the hard part to get right. As you know creating, checking and destroying the sessions is, as you know, trivial.


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Anyone diggin' Mozart?

To celebrate the 250-year of Mozarts birth, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation is making 9 of Mozarts symphonies available for download free of charge. So if you want to spice up your MP3 player or simply listen so some quality classical music here's your chance. A podcast/RSS feed is also available.


Replication gone terribly wrong... :-)

Sometimes Notes produces some quite interesting dialog boxes - maybe they should really be considered Easter Eggs. They sure make me laugh and lighten up the day.

P.S.: It did take me quite a lot of time to place all 1.328.506.228 databases in the replication queue. But hey - that's my Tuesday. Good thing it's billable time...

Beware of those runtime dependencies

A while back I developed a custom Realm for user authentication in Tomcat 4.1.x. While the Realm has been working flawlessly it "suddenly" stopped working.


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The VIEW article published

I'm very proud of myself (I'm patting myself on the back as I write this)... :-)

My very first article has been published in The VIEW this month and I didn't even get to be the first to blog about it. Jens Polster beat me to it...

Jens - thank you for the kind words, the very nice post and all the comments and feedback on LotusScript.doc. Great finally meeting you at Lotusphere.

Use SnagIt! as a COM server

Talk about redesigning for reusability: Using SnagIt! as a COM server. One thing is developing it as a COM component, another is exposing and documenting the API.

If you are not familiar with SnagIt! it is a screen capture application for Windows and it is so cool - by far the best screen capture application I have ever used and purchased. If you find yourself doing a lot a screen capturing for documentation etc. I really recommend it.

Go Seahawks!!


Some thoughts on the evaluation forms at Lotusphere 2006

As a result of reading the various published results of the evaluation forms from Lotusphere 2006 I decided to post a comment to Rocky Olivers post "My Practical DXL session was well received...". Although MANY of the presentations at Lotusphere were really good I think the evaluation form lacks options.


Firefox released

An update to Firefox 1.5 has been released with security fixes, improved support for the Mac and most importantly - DNS support for Icelandic domains... :-)


Clarifying the use of SessionFactory

When using a SessionFactory approach make sure to use a filter to close the sessions when the thread is done. If failing to do so you could make Domino refuse to accept new sessions.


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Where do people shop i Washington DC?

After Lotusphere I have been spending some days driving around Florida more specifically going to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Naples, Everglades, Key West, Kennedy Space Center and Daytona Beach. Now I'm in DC where I'm going to spend a couple of days before leaving for Copenhagen on Friday afternoon.

One question though - where do people shop in DC? I'm really looking for some shops with sunglasses and clothes in general but have been unable to find any. I guess it is because I'm staying in a business part of the city (I'm staying near the Washington Monument).

If anyone has any pointers I would really be grateful. I guess I need to take the subway or similar to get out of the central part of town but some general directions would be nice... :-)

As an aside - I have spent the day (re-)seeing the sights (was in DC a couple of years ago) and it really seems that every other shop in DC is either a coffee shop (it seems like Starbucks really has a stronghold here) or a deli selling sandwiches. Quite amazing actually...