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Lotusphere 2006: And then suddenly it's all over...

It feels like waking up on New Years Day. I'm tired. Really tired. I blog this after the General Closing Session sitting alone in the lobby of the Dolphin with my laptop trying to get my head around the past couple of days, watching Lotusphere 2006 being packed into crates. It seems to intensify the feeling of emptyness.

It has been amazing. As a first time visitor, and Lotusphere being the first kind of these conferences I have attended, it has been overwhelming. So much new stuff, having met so many new people. Putting faces to blogs, talking to strangers at lunch sharing ideas and getting really energized by the commitment of IBM which really has come across. The distance from a developer from Denmark to Lotus has never been shorter.

Personally it has been nice meeting people I have only "met" via e-mail - none mentioned, none forgotten. Many very nice comments and interesting conversations. I even experienced a person coming up to me and thanking me for LotusScript.doc. Whow!

Thanks to you all and remember:

Yellow is the new black... ;-)

See you next year.

Lotusphere 2006: Not really enjoying the GURUpalooza!

This being my first Lotusphere I had high hopes for the GURUpalooza so of cause I made my way to the Swan. While I do appreciate the basic idea behind the session I didn't find it to be as fruitful as it could have been. It stands in stark contrast to the "Ask the developers" session which was fantastic.


The word of Sametime 7.5 and the AIM/Yahoo deals is spreading

Through the Eclipse in the news feed I saw a link to an article in Computerworld Australia mentioning the new Sametime/AIM/Yahoo deal. What's really nice is that it explicitly points out that the upgrade is a subscription upgrade and the gateway integration with AIM and Yahoo will be free, although a separate product, for existing gateway customers.


My The VIEW article is of to the presses

Went to see if my editor at The VIEW (Ann Baker) was here at Lotusphere which she was so that was very nice to finally meet her in person. We have been exchanging e-mail for the last 6-7 months now so a face-to-face meeting was definately overdue. She was quite surprised to see how young I looked which is always nice to hear although I don't consider myself young looking anymore... :-)

Ann told me that the next issue was in the presses which means it will be out to the subscribers soon. Very exciting.

I really hope they picked up the changes I added at the last read-through.

Lotusphere 2006: Talking to the developers'bout the missing NotesDocmentCollection constructor and extensions to LotusScript

A thing I have always been wondering about is why it isn't possible to construct an empty NotesDocumentCollecction from scratch using the New keyword. At Lotusphere I had the chance to actually ask the question in the "Meet the developers"-lab.


Lotusphere 2006: Talking with "DXL Dick" 'bout web services and DXL

As part of my LotusScript.doc endeavours I really need to be able to get at the LotusScript source code for web services which has proved quite a challenge previously. So at Lotusphere I took matters into my own hands and went to see the guy in charge of the DXL...


Lotusphere 2006: What's up with the Lotusphere pen?

The Lotusphere pen I got when registrering doesn't work which is a first since give-away pens usually are better than expensive pens. I have been borrowing other Lotusphere pens during the sessions but they also stink which is extremely fustrating when taking notes. What's up with that?

Sametime 7.5 announcement

Sametime 7.5 was announced and demoed at the General Opening Session of Lotusphere 2006 earlier today. What a show - only one minor mishap with a demo but lets not go into that...


Lotusphere 2006: Day -1 (Getting there)

Being 4 hours delayed out of Copenhagen I didn't arrive in Orlando Airport until 2AM. Since it was so late I was assuming that I would have to find a rental car since the airport would be closed down for the night but no, no, no... The airport was alive and kicking and at the Disney Magical Express 7 people was waiting to service the three tired "Lotuspherians" arriving at that late hour. After 30 minutes by shuttle and after checking in I was up in my room at the All-Sports Resort. One tired Dane looking for a bed.

Getting to sleep was difficult but I guess I got a couple of hours.

Transparently handle NotesThreads for web applications using the Domino Java API

When using the Domino Java API from a web application many often resort to using remote/CORBA (lotus.domino.)Sessions to avoid having to deal with NotesThread issues. Using a servlet filter it is easy however, if the environment permits it, to use a local Session instead with the performance gains associated with that switch.


Tags :

Use ThreadLocal to ease Notes Java development

Have you considered using java.lang.ThreadLocal to ease the job when duing multi-threaded applications, such as servlets, that work with the Domino Java API?


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Lotusphere 2006: Copenhagen Airport has been closed down due to snow

I'm supposed to leave for Lotusphere 2006 tomorrow morning but Copenhagen Airport has been closed due to snow and wind. Hopefully the airport will reopen in the morning - at least for international flights. Not really what I wanted to hear and it doesn't make it better when Rocky Oliver is leaving on an airplane... :-)

Cross your fingers please... Only comfort is that I'm not alone with worries of this sort...

Comment-SPAM getting out of control

How I hate comment-SPAM... I guess it wouldn't be so bad if the SPAM'ers at least had the decency to run a spellcheck before batch-submitting.


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Event-generator filling up the logs

A corrupt Event-generator apparently made the Event-task go crazy and filled up the log more quickly than I could say - well - "Event-handler error"...


Wierd Domino server port setting in notes.ini

At a customer site today I was scrutinizing the notes.ini of one of their servers to see if I could find a reason why the Live console from Domino Administrator kept stopping. While at this I noticed a wierd TCPIP port setting.


Getting out of the woods

The project I had to get done before Lotusphere is done and I'm ready to go to Orlando. The coming week is about getting ready and making sure I'm ready.


Getting index values with @Formula

I'm doing quite a lot of @Formula coding these days and I'm finding the "new" index capability of @Formula very helpfull. I know it was introduced in release 6 but I'm just starting to use it - old habits die hard.

In that connection I frequently have two arrays of data where I need to find the index of a key value ("Key") in the first array ("keys") and get then get the entry at the same index in the other array ("data"). I have found no ArrayGetIndex-like function in @Formula so I'm resorting to a @For-loop to find the correct index and then getting the value from the other array.

keys := @GetProfileField("MyProfile"; "Keys");
data := @GetProfileField("MyProfile"; "Data");
result := "";
@For(n:=1; n<=@Elements(keys); n:=n+1;
   @If(keys[n] = Key;
      @Set("result"; profile_kortlink[n]);

Anyone who knows of an easier way?

Problems with Lotusphere form for badge detail correction

Anyone else having problems with the online form for checking the badge details for Lotusphere? After logging into the site I keep being redirected to an error page after the form has been shown briefly.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Exploit fix from Microsoft?

A patch for the "Windows image-file 0-day exploit" has been released

Ilfak Guilfanov has released a patch for the Windows metafile exploit that was reported last week. Technically the patch works by intercepting the calls to the user32.dll that causes the exploit to work. More information can be found at the beforementioned link.

While the patch isn't released by Microsoft and since I have no prior knowledge of Ilfak Guilfanov I have chosen to install the patch anyway since it has been vouched for by Steve Gibson (of the Security Now! podcast) who I trust. Steves comments to the patch can be found at his website.

Please note: I had to reregister the DLL ("regsvr32 shimgvw.dll") that I had previously unregistered to avoid the exploit before installing the patch.