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Notes 5, 6.5 and 7 compability issue?

Well the customer is one of those that are a little slow in the uptake so they are still mainly running Notes 5 on the clients. The IT department is also using Notes 6.5 and 7 clients apart from the internally supported Notes 5 client. Most servers are however on 6.5.4FP1 due to a recent ugrade.

When I do the design refresh I normally borrow a Notes client on their network and do the signing, refreshing and (re)scheduling of agents. Normally this works just fine. I didn't however consider the ramifications of the client I borrowed recently being upgraded to Notes 7 (used to be a Notes 5 client). After the design refresh the application was running very slowly and all views were constantly refreshing (flickering) with the resulting loss of performance.

After some poking around I decided that the only difference to the last time I did the design refresh was the version of the Notes client used. I switched to a Notes 5 client and repeated the entire procedure which solved the problems just like that. Hmmmm - try that one on for size...

The really funny part was that my big brother was at a christmas lunch yesterday with some former colleagues from his time at IBM and one of the guys is the head of IBM Lotus Software in Denmark. In a discussion about the release of Notes 7 he apparently told my brother, that there are a number of cases out there with the compability issues with the Notes 7 client. The issues IBM are seeing has to do with view indexes taking up double the space, and views having some refreshing issues. Whether this is "official" or not I don't know, but it sure sounds like what I was experiencing. Very interesting...

I guess that mixing versions is okay but that you will have to be vary for possible consequences. Anyone experiencing similar things?