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Domino 5.0.13 --> Domino 7.0

Taking advantage of the slowdown of traffic on the day of New Years eve I just upgraded one of our production servers from Domino 5.0.13 to Domino 7.0. The only issue was that the installer complained about being unable to uninstall the Windows service althrough the service was uninstalled correctly. After restarting the installation it completed without any other issues.

First impressions? Everything seems to be running so I cross my fingers...

Windows image-file 0-day exploit

A new 0-day Windows exploit is out. The exploit takes advantage of a built-in feature of the Windows Metafile image format that allows code to be executed if the Windows Metafile fails to load. Since this is a core Windows issue you will not be safe just resorting to Firefox. Actually just surfing to a website embedding a crafted image could infect your computer.

The workaround for now is to unregister the offending DLL on your Windows system. For more information refer to the show notes for the Sucurity Now! podcast episode 20.

Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #20

Writing a LSX (LotusScript Extension)

Does anyone have any experience writing a custom LSX? The LSX is going to wrap some third-party/legacy C/C++ code.

So far I dug out an article from The VIEW (May/June 1998: "The Why and How of Building LotusScript Extensions with the LSX Toolkit") but it would be really nice with a comment from someone who actually did it.

Is it pretty straight forward?, is the LSX Wizard the way to go?, should I stay away from it?

Please let me know if you have any experience to share...

DB2 v.8+ Universal JDBC driver

We're about to upgrade our DB2 boxes from v.7.2 to v.8.2 so it's time to understand the DB2 UDB JDBC Universal Driver...

Re: LotusScript Singletons

Reply to the "LotusScript Singletons" post on www.nsftools.com yesterday.


Making changes to the OpenLog application

As a long time user of the Apache log4j logging framework in the Java world I was very happy when Julian unveiled his OpenLog logging application for Domino on OpenNTF. At the office we have recently adopted the OpenLog application when writing applications for our customers but there was a couple of things I wanted to add to the core functionality. In this rather lengthy Friday post, I describe the changes I have made to the application.


You want Members with your catalog?

Had a call the other day from a Domino customer where they for some reason wasn't able to send e-mail to groups in one of their secondary directories any more. They didn't get a Non-delivery report back and the e-mail wasn't delivered - it simply disappeared without any errors on the Domino console...


Temporary solution to broken Domino Web Access in Firefox 1.5

I found a solution to my problems with Firefox 1.5 and Domino Web Access. The solution is simply to press the Esc-key once the window with the richtext editing has loaded. This allows you to write new and reply to e-mail. Probably not the way Lotus intended it to work but it doesn... Looks like I'll have to file a PMR with Lotus Support.

Re: Domino Web Access broken in Firefox 1.5?

Well it appears I'm not the only one having problems with Domino Web Access in Firefox 1.5 and it appears I'm not alone. Chris and Richard are also having some problems with it...

I have been looking into it some more and have tried various combinations of Java. I thought it might be it since I recently downgraded my JRE from 1.5 to 1.4.2 due to some deployment issues with a J2EE application. But unfortunately it wasn't it. After poking a little more I took a look at the CSS using the JavaScript console (in the Tools-menu and it appears there are numerous CSS errors there.

Considering that the styling of the richtext editing is probably being done with CSS it makes sense that CSS errors would cause havok. Misspellings in the CSS probably doesn't help either... :-)

In a VM I just rechecked all the previous versions leading to Firefox 1.5 (RC3, RC2, RC1, B2, B1) without any success. I guess I'll have to downgrade to 1.0.7 to use Domino Web Access in Firefox.

Bummer - now I know what to ask Santa for Christmas... :-)

Domino Web Access broken in Firefox 1.5?

After upgrading my Firefox to 1.5 I have been unable to run Domino Web Access through Firefox. The inbox and and calendar displays just fine but I am unable to write new e-mails or reply to received e-mails. Basically everything that requires me to write in the "Body"-item is "broken".

As you can see from the screenshot it looks like Firefox is unable to start the component it uses for "rich text" editing. The page finishes loading but no errors are displayed in the JavaScript console or via LiveHTTPHeaders.


UPDATE: Another guy at my office run iNotes under Firefox 1.5 - maybe it's just my copy...

Notes 5, 6.5 and 7 compability issue?

I was at a customer site yesterday to refresh the template on one of their applications and experienced firsthand what happens when mixing too many Notes/Domino versions.


Using regex in SELECT statement

Working with the new version of the MySQL database I saw that it supports regular expressions in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements out of the box. This is totally cool and has the posibility of seriously simplifying complex WHERE statements. Previously I have opted to a simpler condition and then filter the rest in the application, but having regular expressions in the database allows me to keep the filtering as close to the data as possible. Cool.

Since we are an IBM shop at the office we run DB2 internally so I searched for a way to do this in DB2. It isn't natively available but so is the next best thing - as a UDF (user defined function). I even found an article on developerWorks describing how to do it using a UDF in the C-programming language: Bringing the Power of Regular Expression Matching to SQL.

I haven't tried yet but it looks very promising though I might consider doing the UDF in Java which will be easier, at least for me, being more comfortable with Java than C. Doing it in the C programming language you would need a C-compiler though I think you would do it using cygwin instead of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Lotusphere schedule...

...is up and I'm starting to get really excited - I almost can't wait.