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Submatches in RegExp from LotusScript

The Microsoft Visual Basic Script RegExp component can help you when needing to extract substrings from a string. This means no more Instr'ing and and Mid'ing...


LotusScript.doc released

LotusScript.doc has been released and is available for download from the LotusScript.doc website...

A special thank to those who have helped me test out the application, submitted code or patches.

LotusScript.doc article draft is going back to The VIEW

I sent the article draft back to my editor at The VIEW yesterday and I must admit I was a little surprised as to the number of corrections she had made and that I had to look at. I ended up writing quite a lot of new content both clarifying existing points and making new ones.

It will be exciting to hear her thoughts on the added content.

LotusScript.doc release candidate 2

Release candidate 2 of LotusScript.doc is eminent - I'm currently running the final tests before I release it to the "beta" testers.


Known sub-classes in LotusScript.doc

When I released LotusScript.doc RC1 to the "beta" testers earlier today I wrote that no more more features would be added before the release but I just couldn't help myself.


LotusScript.doc Release Candidate 1

Release Candidate 1 has been released to the "beta" testers.


The View article featuring LotusScript.doc

I just received the first draft back from "my" editor at The View with the first round of edits for my upcoming article. The article is on LotusScript.doc and will be published in the November/December issue of The View.

I'm VERY exited - my first article...

Implementing a Bag in LotusScript

I did a quick implementation of a Bag in LotusScript.


Small fix to Johans Vector class

Small fix to the removeElementAt(Integer) method - changes in bold.

Public Function removeElementAt(index As Integer)
   If index >= Me.size() Then Error 2000, "Array index [" & index & "] out of bounds [" & size & "]"
   Dim members As Variant
   Dim i As Integer
   Dim j As Integer
   Redim members(Me.size())
   For i = 0 To Me.size-1
      If (i <> index) And (Not j > Me.size()) Then
         If Isobject(array(i)) Then
            Set members(j) = array(i)
            members(j) = array(i)
         End If
         j = j + 1
      End If
   Next i
   elementLength = elementLength - 1
   array = members
End Function

Update site available for Eclipse 3.1.1

More information at the EclipseZone...

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Programmatically detecting AutoSave

The new AutoSave feature in Notes/Domino 7 can really screw up existing applications if you do rely heavily on LotusScript events. Luckily there are new fields that allows you to detect if the user is recovering a document via AutoSave.