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Sorting document collections in LotusScript

I needed to have the results from a NotesDatabase.FTSearch() sorted by a specific field or according to a view instead of by relevance (whatever that means) in LotusScript. This isn't possible out-of-the-box though, but a solution was found via Lotus Developer Domain.


Force Domino to output XHTML to allow parsing as XML

I recently had the need to easily create a valid XML document for Domino generated HTML, that is have the HTML Domino generates for a document available as a valid XML document that could be parsed in an AJAX application.


Using Regular Expressions from LotusScript

Using the regular expression engine in VBScript (Visual Basic Script) you can enjoy powerful RegExp capabilities from LotusScript (only on Windows though).



Since I keep loosing this link showing how to increase the heap size for the Sun JVM I will put it here for safe-keeping... :-)


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Freetime WebService

Just saw a little download on the Domino 7 download page on Passport Advantage. The download is called "Free Time Web Service database 7.0 (C8525NA)" and contains a Notes database with a web service allowing you to do freetime searches over SOAP. Pretty nice and a good example on how to do web services in Notes 7 in LotusScript.

Sametime 7 Connect for Browsers

Well not exactly the certificate signer you would expect to find on a product like Sametime... I would have expected a certificate that was somewhat more "official" and closer to IBM "home".

Notes 7 in-list name editing

Found a nice feature in Notes 7 Designer client where you can edit the name of a design element directly in the list. Nice...

Johans Collection classes now LGPL'ed

Thanks Johan - here is a link to the article...

Set the "Prompt for location at startup" User Preference from LotusScript

Setting the "Prompt for location at startup" setting in the User Preferences in Notes 5.x is set using a binary flag in the notes.ini file. In Notes 6.x there is a separate setting for setting the property.


Configuring site-2-site VPN on Cisco PIX 506

We normally recommend our customers to secure their network using the Cisco PIX firewall products since they are secure, cheap and easy to configure - once you know how of cause... :-) The reason I post this is that one of our customers is setting up an office in New York City so I needed to configure a site-2-site VPN tunnel and I thought I would share the how-to. The how-to should work for any PIX product (501, 506, 506E, 515).


Accessing the menus on a Mac using the keyboard - impossible?

I went to the Mac-store the other day to look for a computer bag but ended up playing with the Macs they had on display. I have been playing with the idea of getting a Mac Mini to use at home, but one thing bothered me though: I was unable to access the menus using the keyboard.

None of the store employees knew how to do it but instead told me that: "OS X is a mouse operating system..." This is totally unacceptable to me so I left the store and kind of gave up on the idea of becoming a Mac owner.

After this experience I was very pleasently surprised when my big brother found out how (via one of our customers where a couple of users uses Mac). Pressing Ctrl-F2 will access the menu.

So now it is back to the store... :-)

Going to Lotusphere 2006

I'm going to my first Lotusphere - I just booked the conference and hotel. I'm really looking forward to this event. See you all in Orlando... :-)

Submitted patch for Pebble 1.9

In preparation for a holiday I'm having in a week or so I needed to test blogging from a blogging client other than my browser but kept having problems with national characters.


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