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Finally got JBoss 3.2.6 to connect to DB2 7.1 under Linux

After spending a day trying different scenarios I finally found a solution to get JBoss 3.2.6 to connect to a database in DB2 V7.1 under Linux (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 7). I kept getting SQL1224N (SQLSTATE=55032) errors when trying to connect from JBoss, even though a standalone Java program connected without issues.


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Caveat when using Sametime in iNotes

Using the STLinks package you can integrate Sametime in iNotes but there are caveats.


Creating HTML using DOM and JavaScript

Have been doing a lot of dynamic HTML using JavaScript lately and it is so much nicer and easier using the Document Object Model (DOM) than using string concatenation.


Compile Apache 2 with mod_ssl

When configuring Apache 2.0 before compiling (make) and you are enabling mod_ssl you sometimes get an error saying that the OpenSSL headers cannot be found. To fix this make sure to configure using the --with-ssl=<path to OpenSSL installation> parameter.

Connecting to IBM DB2 v.8.x using JDBC

It appears that DB2 v.8.x is using a new universal JDBC driver capable of both JDBC type 2 and 4. This means no more app- or net-driver but also a slightly different configuration.


Installing IBM DB2 v. 8.x on Linux without X11

IBM DB2 v. 8.x uses a Java based GUI for installation hence the requirement for X11. If you have a Linux box without X11 installed you can install DB2 manually which isn't as diffecult as it sounds.



Got to look into configuring mod_gzip for our web severs.

Info on configuring mod_gzip

Sametime login issues

We had Sametime logon issues at a customer site where users could logon for an hour or so before logon being denied. The issue turned out to be with the configuration as it most often turns out.