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Thought no one was using mod_jk2 anymore...

...but I appear to be mistaken. I am very confused about the availability and the differences between the different mod_jk * modules. I will have to look into it.

This article explains how to use mod_jk2 under Apache to cluster multiple Tomcat instances behind an Apache web server.

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I finally got around to writing a StringTokenizer class in LotusScript. I have been writing string parsing so many times for different agents that I thought I would take the time to do it properly once and for all.


Google suggests

I took a look at Google suggests and it sure is cool! We have been needing something like this for a while for a project at work.


Thinking about LotusScript

Howcome the LotusScript language hasn't matured over the years ?


AMgr memory consumption part 2

Have been discussing the issue with Lotus Support.


Number of Lotus Notes seats

We needed the number of Lotus Notes seats out there for a customer presentation, and since we didn't know who to contact I took a chance and wrote to Ed Brill who came through for us.


Using Velocity in an agent

Jakarta Velocity is a template engine that allows you to write templates using a macro language and replace these macros with the real data at runtime.


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gzip'ing Tomcat under Apache

Excellent tip/howto on caching and/or gzip'ing pages from Java servers (e.g. Tomcat) running behind an Apache server.
HTTP compression filter on servlets : good idea, wrong layer
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AMgr memory consumption

AMgr consuming around 350 MB of memory at a customer site.


Blogging break

Disk crash took the fun away.


View/folder limitation in Notes

Not really sure I can live with a limitation like this one !! :-)

Folder/View Limitation for Notes Databases

HTML closing in iNotes

It appears that one can use an HTML closing in iNotes if you enclose the signature in square brackets ([]). It doesn't solve the problem of using a company logo or similar without linking to it (as opposed to embedding it in the e-mail).


[<font color="#727785" size="-2" face="Verdana, Arial, sans-serif">
Med venlig hilsen,
<b>Mikkel Heisterberg</b><br>
it-inspiration aps - farvergade 2 - 1463 copenhagen k - denmark - <br>
phone: +45 7022 3141 - fax: +45 3316 0290 - mobile: +45 2682 5673 - email: <withheld><br>

Update on 1 December 2004 @ 23:03
Hmmm.... It appears that changing the signature in iNotes also changes the signature in Notes (which doesn't really make sense to me). So if you do the above (html signature in square brackets) you will mess up your Notes signature.

JarPlug Eclipse Plug-in

JAR plug-in for Eclipse


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